Fitness and Weight Management Classes In Essex

I offer exercise classes in the community, in local venues,
As well as on-line, where can either workout along with me live, or catch up later at your convenience
Your Work Out Your Choice.
See my timetable below (subject to change) or contact me for more details.

An Introduction from Mandy

Look at some of the classes we offer at home


Fitness Pilates


Looking to lose a few pounds?

Then try my fantastic eating plans.

70 30 Plan

70-30 Plan.

For four days per week, you eat depending on if you’re male or female in these limits:

Men 2000kcals per day, Women depending on how much you have to lose,  If it’s over 1 stone 1800kcals per day, Under 1700kcals per day

​Follow a good balanced Mediterranean diet, including lots of protein, complex carbohydrates (nothing white or refined), good oils such as olive oil, coconut or avocado oil, whilst avoiding refined sugar.  Then, on the other three days, you reduce your calorie intake to approx. 800kcals.

You can choose whichever three days of the week you prefer, or do more than three if you wish

Contact me for all the details