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Are you fed up with the reflection in mirror?  Fed up wearing the clothes that fit not the clothes you want?  Tried every diet out there?  Me too, until I decided to stop counting calories and just eat good food in sensible portions.  And exercise!!!!

I have helped mandy-lee-founderhundreds of people to lose weight, become fitter, healthier and very much happier.

In 1993 at my biggest which was a size 18. I had 3 young children so I was very busy but ate very badly. I decided that I wanted to bring up the whole family healthily instead of me being the one being “on a diet” and everyone else eating the food I shouldn’t.  I’ve never looked back.

I know it’s not easy but hope my own battle with my weight makes me sympathetic to the struggles and temptations that life throws at us.

I will do my best to support you and help you in your journey to good health. We get one body and I believe we should look after it to the best of our ability and help those we love to do the same.

Men & Women Are Welcome To Come Give US A Try

Success Stories

I joined Mandy’s class 19 years ago this September. I have had osteoporosis, for the last 43 years, (I’m 68). Back in the 70’s when I was diagnosed with this I was advised not to do anything and I adhered to the Hospital’s advice.

18 years later I could hardly move and could not lift my arms above my shoulders. I could not stand being like this being so young so I decided to do something about it and joined a keep fit class with Mandy in Rayleigh.

Her exercises have been a life saver for me as I now have so much more freedom. I can move properly, still in some pain but I can look after myself.

I certainly would recommend that if you have any movement problems for goodness sake don’t just sit there feeling sorry for yourself. Do something about it. The pain when you first start is well worth it.

Phone Mandy and join one of her classes – Jenny A

Jenny A
It took Kelly exactly one year and one week to lose 8 stone at Mandy’s fitness class.

Kelly joined her local class in Rayleigh on 3rd September, 2012 weighing a whopping 18 stone 8 lbs with a BMI of 44.6. By 12th September, 2013 she weighed just 10 stone 7 lbs with a BMI of 25.3.

She continues to go to class and now has a healthy BMI of under 24 and has lost almost 9 stone.

Although Diet and Fitness are largely seen as a female pursuit, it is just as important for men. Recent health news shows that both Diabetes and Alzheimers are made worse by lack of fitness and obesity.

Since I joined Mandy some three years ago I have seen reductions in my weight (around two stone), cholesterol level, waist measurement, blood pressure, and BMI. In this time I have seen my fitness level and my life expectancy increase.

The sessions are well structured and useful advice is given. I have greatly enjoyed the High Intensity Interval training sessions that are also available.


Fitness Can Be Social

As well as our classes, we have social events throughout the year. Christmas parties, annual spa trips to Portugal, theatre trips and many more things planned. We are one big happy family and we would love you to join us.

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