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We all have the right to choice – use it

Hi everyone, hope this finds you well. Sorry it is a bit late but I’ve been out walking this morning and then just had terrible trouble with my broadband. I am changing providers next week and hope things will be a bit quicker after that. If not, I’m going to buy a pigeon and clip my newsletter to its leg and fly it to your door!

My header says “you are worth it” and that is the message I was trying to get across in class last week. We can go on forever blaming and complaining.

  • I didn’t have time
  • There was nothing healthy available
  • I was too busy
  • I had no choice with the menu
  • I didn’t want to be rude and say no
  • I was too hungry to get something healthy
  • It’s expensive to eat healthily (no its not by the way) ………..and so it goes on. But we all have a choice.

I choose to eat healthily because I want to not because I have to. I choose not to eat crap because I don’t want to not because I can’t. I believe I’m worth it. And I believe everyone is worth it. I hope you do too.