Common Sense Weight Loss Tips (Part 2)

Common Sense Weight Loss Tips (Part 2)

Research shows that a person can lose weight just by practising some common sense weight-loss ideas. Changing how you think about dieting and your health will help you to lose weight sensibly and keep it off. Here are the next five of our top-ten common senses tips for losing weight. All are suitable for young, middle age and elderly people.

Eat high fibre foods: These are excellent at boosting your weight loss. Studies indicate that these foods help to slow the breakdown of nutrients, thereby reducing the release of sugar into the blood. High levels of sugar in the blood increase your level of insulin, which can promote weight gain and the storage of fats.

Avoid eating processed foods: a lot of processed foods are high in fat, sugar and white flour that will hinder your weight loss. Avoid foods such as processed meat, high-fat crisps, biscuits and chocolate.

Regulate your alcohol intake: Alcohol contains empty calories (containing no nutrients); reducing your consumption is an excellent way of boosting weight loss.

Weigh weekly: avoid the temptation of weighing yourself too regularly. Weight loss is a process, and you should take some time before weighing. Weighing yourself every day can be misleading and may make you discouraged, resulting in you wanting to give up.

Replace unhealthy food: keep away from unhealthy foods whilst doing your shopping and replace them with healthy ones. One drawback of a weight-loss plan is that you may have to avoid eating some foods you really love. Try to eat more fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts instead. Stick to the guidance of your weight-loss instructor!

So, this week:

  1. Build some fibre into your diet
  2. Skip the processed foods
  3. Set yourself a sensible alcohol quota (or abstain)
  4. Go to your weekly weigh-in and resist having a sneak peek
  5. Try some new healthy foods to replace your usual treats!

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